Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Disney On Stage - Watch Online Friday Morning

After 2 amazing performances last week for staff, friends and family of performers, we've decided that we wanted to reach more of our community! 

There will be an in-school live stream performance of Disney on Stage this Friday at 9:15 a.m., giving a chance for all students and staff to view the performance before the long weekend! 

Students in the show will be performing live, while all other students and staff will be able to watch the performance from their classrooms -- and anyone who would like can also watch from home!

It will be streamed starting at 9:15am on Friday, May 28. Please note that due to copyright restrictions, it is ONLY available live, and may not be recorded to post later. But if you are free during this time, you can tune in and watch!

Special thanks to Mr. Aaron Swiniuch who has been working with students for months and gone through many different possibilities for staging. Kudos!