Homeward Bound Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What sort of information is posted on Homeward Bound?
  • Text of most announcements that students hear in the morning
  • Reminders about Beverly Middle School events, procedures, rules, etc.
  • Information from administrators and other staff
  • Information from the Beverly Middle School PTO
  • Announcements about other community events and organizations of interest to middle school students and their families from the YMCA, the Beverly Public Library, youth sports, and others.
When is Homeward Bound updated?
New posts are put up on nearly every school day and on some other days as well over weekends and vacations. Most but not all updates are done before 1:00 pm each day.

How can I make sure I don't miss important information posted on Homeward Bound?
You can either check it reguarly, or you can sign up for a daily email digest. Click here to learn how to subscribe.

How can I post something on Homeward Bound?
If it is Beverly Middle School activity/info, send the information directly to Ms. Woznick (awoznick@beverlyschools.org). If you have a flyer about another organization or activity in the community, it must be approved first by the superintendent's office. Please make sure you include the 'notice of nondiscrimination (see bottom of this page for the wording) and send it to Mrs. Donna Bergeron at dbergeron@beverlyschools.org.

Who updates Homeward Bound?
The Beverly Middle School librarian, Ms. Woznick, maintains Homeward Bound.