Thursday, May 20, 2021

Track Team Victory!

Yesterday, the BMS track & field team faced a formidable Danvers middle school squad. They fought their way to victory under blue skies in the late afternoon sun of the Danvers High School sports complex.

The BMS Panthers had many heroic performances through the day, but here are just a few highlights:

Libby Ulrich stepped up in her first ever track race, stunning her coaches with a dominant 2nd place finish in a very competitive field.

Ray Kwiatek ran the 400 m in under one minute, a feat everyone said could not be done.

Xavier Parsons hurdled his way to victory, earning a decisive win over his opponents

Daniel Wilder won the 800 meter run easily, leaving his opponents in a cloud of dust. In fact, he moved so fast, he shifted the earth's rotation and MAY have tilted it slightly off its axis.

Trey Redmond soared on the high jump event, clearing 5 feet 4 inches. He leapt high enough to jump over Coach Sherman’s head, with inches to spare!

Eric Santangelo torched his opponents on the 100 m dash, running so fast he broke the sound barrier and blew Coach Arsnow clear out of his shoes. Mr. Arsnow now has to buy a new pair of shoes.

Calvin Barrett ran a mile with such blinding speed his competitors merely saw a blur flying past them. Coach Devlin’s hat blew clear off his head and he’s been chasing it ever since!