Monday, January 25, 2021

Mass Support COVID-19 Coping Groups

Our guidance counselors would like to share information about a resource meant for adults.

Coping groups bring together people who are going or who have gone through similar life experiences. In MassSupport's new free and confidential COVID-19 online coping groups, discussions will focus on how to handle feelings of isolation and stress in a supportive space to enhance coping skills and foster a sense of connection. Groups will last about 90 minutes and participants do the vast majority of the talking. A brief educational component is included. While our trained, caring counselors and clinicians facilitate, these groups are not therapy. Coping groups are completely free, and you can sign up below for multiple groups. 

Coping group for those feeling isolated
Coping group for those with children being schooled remotely
Coping group for COVID-19 survivors
Coping group for healthcare and mental health providers