Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Drop Off and Pick Up Details & Traffic Patterns

We are so excited for Cohort A (students attending school on Monday and Thursday) to arrive for their first day on Thursday, September 17th and for Cohort B (students who join us on Tuesday and Fridays) who will join us for their first day this Friday, September 18th.

Arrival Procedures
Students may arrive by bus, bike, car or walk to school. Bus students will be dropped at the front and side of the building.
  • Bikers: Students who take a bike to school may use any of our bike racks and then enter their neighborhood door.
  • Walkers will also enter their neighborhood door
  • Cummings Center Drop Off: If you choose to drop your child in the Cummings Center parking lot, they may walk to school and enter the building at their neighborhood door. A crossing guard will assist students on Balch.
  • Rolling Dropoff: If you choose, you may participate in our rolling drop off. We ask that you enter the campus at the Balch street entrance and follow the traffic flow to the left side of the building. (Please see map). Teachers will be present and welcoming students who will again enter their neighborhood door. Please do NOT get out of your car or pass other cars.
  • Exiting to Cabot St.: Please note that when you exit onto Cabot Street you will only be allowed to make a right turn.
Dismissal Procedures
Students who are not taking a bus, may be walkers or bikers, or participate in the rolling pick up.
  • If you choose to pick up your child at the Cummings Center, they will be a walker and are to be dismissed at 12:45.
  • Neighborhood 1 will be dismissed for rolling pick up at 12:55
  • Neighborhood 2 will be dismissed for rolling pick up at 1:05
  • Neighborhood 3 will be dismissed for rolling pick up at 1:15
  • PLEASE have your child's last name and Neighborhood Number displayed on your windshield.
  • PLEASE try and arrive at your allotted time to avoid traffic congestion