Wednesday, November 28, 2018

From the Sports Desk

Yesterday's Flag Football games were some of the most thrilling of the season! Each game was decided in the last 2 minutes of the game. Alabama narrowly escaped Georgia 32 to 30, Texas inched out LSU 26 to 24, and Ohio St. won on a last minute TD catch over Boston College. Star players featured Lucas Carbone who threw for 5 TD passes, Micah McManus who threw for 4 TD passes, Cody Belanger who caught a 75-yard TD bomb, Colby Malionek who scampered in for a TD through a full team of defenders, and Kyle Heckman who was making plays all over the field! Great job by all teams!

The next set of Flag Football games are on Thursday, November 29th:
  • Packers vs Rams
  • Notre Dame vs Ohio St.
  • Georgia vs LSU