Friday, June 4, 2021

Track Team Triumphs

The BMS Track & Field team had another legendary day down on 100 Sohier Rd, the home of Beverly High School Panthers and our town’s finest athletic facilities. The stars seemed to align as a dreary, rainy forecast broke and eventually transformed into a beautiful day bursting with sunshine and new personal records set on the track for the team’s final meet of the season. The Beverly High School coaches and teammates came by to help support the team in a great display of community partnership, along with many parents and BMS staff members. Many were heard praising the talents of the young middle school stars they saw before them. A number of BMS athletes had all-star days, including but not limited to….

Jayelyn Valerio, a rising star in Beverly sports with a promising future as a varsity athlete, showed her bravery and grit as she surpassed all expectations, crushing the 100 meter dash and hurdles as if she had been doing it for years.

Calvin Barrett once again showed up to win, and win he did. With his ever-increasing speed and superhuman endurance, some say he might be part robot. Others say he might actually be a 20 year old disguised as an 8th grader. No one really knows. The BMS track team will be sad to see him leave this year, as he goes on to compete in the big leagues next year at BHS.

In a remarkable act of courage, 8th graders Lindsay Kazynski and Kennedy Moyle volunteered at the last minute to run the 400 meter, stepping up when the team needed them most. Parents and coaches cheered as they rounded the corners. They were cool. They were brave. They were BMS.

Norah Wright has been a star scholar-athlete and an inspiration to the teammates and coaches alike with her consistent dominant performance over the years. She also showed up to win, running the mile in just over 6 minutes. After Daniel Wilder had tilted the earth off its axis in the previous track meet with his blinding speed, it is believed that Norah’s equally impressive performance returned the earth back to its normal orientation. She literally saved the world.

When Christopher (pronounced MEETA) Mita stepped up to throw the discus, jaws dropped when he immediately hit a new personal record on his first throw. Coach Arsnow’s jaw dropped, along with his clipboard and megaphone. He just dropped everything. Coach Devlin saw the discus sailing and thought it was a UFO at first.

Adeline Kontos and Infinity Burns showed off their strength and skills in the shot put arena, each hurling the shot put 20 feet into the air, setting the girls record for the day. This is incredibly impressive. Their Danvers opponents slunk away in defeat, in awe of the stunning display of athleticism that lay before them.

No one has ever seen a meet so impeccably timed as it was by Coach Sherman. Always a team player, she even stayed long after the meet was over to make sure all the team’s equipment was safe and secure. If you see her today, give her a warm smile and a “thank you.”

A special thank you to the BMS staff members who showed up to volunteer and support the team, we could not have run the meet with you. This includes Mrs. McAfee, Mrs. Norton, Mrs. Shaw, Mr. Brennan and several others!