Thursday, March 25, 2021

Kids & Bike Safety

There have been some recent concerns in the community about children and bicycle safety. The School Resource Officers are out and about every day after school speaking to kids and handing out helmets to those who need them. They are also actively working with the Beverly Public Schools and the Beverly Bike Committee on educational and incentive-based programs for kids. 

Parents, please talk with your children about bike safety if they are riding a bike to and from school or around the city, and stress the importance of helmets, which are required by state law for anyone 16 and under.

If you need help getting a helmet for your child, please contact BMS School Resource Officer Mezza ( for hlep.

A final note: if you see kids riding bikes in and out of traffic, playing chicken with vehicles, or engaging in other unsafe behaviors in traffic please call the Beverly Police non-emergency line at 978-922-1212 and report it rather than posting to social media. Please do not try to take a video or picture while you are driving. (Children who are just riding in the roadway, who are operating their bike in a safe manner and following traffic laws are not violating the law and should not be reported.)

If you do wish to submit a picture, please safely pull over first, then submit a “Juvenile Complaint” tip through our MyPD smartphone app (