Friday, February 26, 2021

Postcard and Stamp Donations Sought

Postcard from student in Taiwan
The BMS Postcrossing account has sent and also received 34 postcards to/from 23 countries around the world. The PTO has generously been supporting this program to help pay for postage and postcards purchased at Gordon's.

You can see many of these cards and the messages people have written on the BMS Postcrossing blog.

We would love to get some postcard donations with images of the local area (Beverly, the North Shore, Boston, Massachusetts), as well as cards featuring art, sports, animals, and more that we can use to send to people! They must be unused postcards and not be folded notecards. 

If you have some postcards or interesting stamps (including low value stamps) that you can donate to us, please contact Ms. Woznick (

Here's a picture of a packet of materials that a school in Taiwan sent us just this week - and today we received some cards as well!