Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Be Brave Choice Board

Each Wednesday we provide a set of Global Apps activities for students to do at home during time that is set aside on their schedules each week. We call it the Be Brave Board - we want to students to make brave choices and pick activities that are engaging and that will stretch them to try some new things! We encourage all students to pick at least one wellness activity each week and then to explore a wide range of different topics.

Your child may need assistance assembling household materials for some. Feel free to contact the school office if you need supplies, and we will do our best to assist you. Some activities, like many of the wellness choices, may be ones your student will enjoy doing with other family members.

Students can also use the search button at the top or the menu bar (next to the search button) to see activities from previous weeks, by date or by subject.

After completing each activity, students are asked to complete an exit ticket (the link is updated each week and is available at the top of the Be Brave Board). There is also an optional Padlet each week where students may share their projects and discoveries with one another.