Friday, April 17, 2020

What Are Your Kids Reading?

Ms. Woznick is gathering images of BMS students on a Padlet page showing what they are reading -- the images will be used for a compilation video. Just go to this page and click on the  + button to add a photo of any of the following:
  • Student holding a book (face showing or not, whichever you are comfortable with!)
  • Student holding the iPad or phone they're reading from, if not a book
  • Student reading to a younger sibling
  • Include the title of the book in the post!
Students may also "like" posts or write comments. All posts and comments are moderated by Ms. Woznick.

Also please encourage your children to sign up for Beverly Keeps Reading. Download the Beanstack Tracker app from SelfService on a school iPad or go to the Beanstack website to get started. This program runs until June 19! Those who sign up can:
  • use the app to track reading minutes
  • log books they are reading
  • write reviews and see reviews by others about their age
  • earn badges for registering, for logging books, and for writing reviews
  • WIN PRIZES - weekly drawings - more badges, better chances!
For more info on Beverly Keeps Reading, for ideas about books to read or where to get them, go to Ms. Woznick's web page about it, or email BMS librarian Ms. Woznick at