Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Used Book & Magazine Donations Sought

The Beverly Middle School library welcomes donations of used books and magazines. Donated books and magazines are primarily re-distributed to students through giveaway book bins in the library and through classroom libraries.

Books of ALL levels are appreciated, as even picture books and lower-level chapter books are useful with students of varying reading abilities. Nonfiction books, like World Record books or cookbooks or other high-interest topics are great. Some students enjoy bringing home books to read to/with their younger siblings too! Unused coloring books and puzzle/activity books are always in demand as well.

Magazines are used by students in the library and are also donated to various teacher classrooms, particularly those that are related to content areas. Some magazines are used for art projects as well, or put into teacher rooms to read/take for their own use.

Magazines from the past two years (2017-2019) are preferred. Some of the types/titles that are particularly appreciated are: National Geographic, National Geographic Kids, Discover, Smithsonian, Sports Illustrated, SI Kids, any sports magazines, New Moon Girls, Girls' Life, Boys' Life, Maker/DIY magazines, travel magazines, cooking magazines, health magazines, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, news magazines, Cricket, Muse - and more!

Please contact Ms. Woznick, the BMS librarian if you have any used books or magazines to donate at awoznick@beverlyschools.org.