Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Clothing & Lunch Box Labels Strongly Recommended

Middle school students are roaming around a large building and we're here to tell you that had thousands of dollars worth of sweaters, jackets, water bottles, lunch boxes and more that ended up in the BMS lost and found last year and then stayed for a month or more -- at which point they were donated. Probably 5% or less had names on them, and even then it was often only a first name, which is not always helpful with a student body of 1400.

An article in Wirecutter this week about the best labels for kids lunch boxes and clothing might be worth reading -- think of these labels as sort of an insurance policy to help protect those expensive water bottles and jackets, and even less expensive items are inconvenient to replace. Labels won't guarantee the item will find its way back to you, but it sure increases the odds! Another helpful and less expensive tool is a laundry marker, which works better than regular permanent markers on clothes.