Thursday, June 6, 2019

iPad & iPad Charger Collection Information

All student iPads are being collected by tomorrow, Friday, June 7 and placed in charging stations at school. They will be disabled at the conclusion of the day so that the tech department may properly inventory them and begin the process of preparing for the next school year.

Grade 7 students will turn in only the iPad, but should keep their school-issued iPad charger over the summer to use the next school year. Students not returning to BMS should turn their charger in. Please put your child's charger in a safe location and be sure it is labeled properly so it doesn't get mixed up with other chargers in the household. Your child will need it next school year and will be responsible for turning it in at the end of 8th grade.

Grade 8 students are responsible for turning in their school-issued iPad charger this week (along with the iPad). Team teachers will give students directions on when and where to turn it in.