Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Gr 7/8 iPad Reminders

Some of our grade 7 and grade 8 students are arriving at school without their iPads fully charged. We'd like to remind you that it is a student's responsibility to charge their iPads at home using the charger that was issued to them at the start of the school year. (Please keep in mind that when the iPads are turned back in they are to be returned with the school-issued chargers.)

We have many instances of students using other chargers, such as phone chargers. These chargers are not powerful enough to charge an iPad. Moreover, we can see from the battery activity on student iPads that the batteries are sometimes being drained with apps that are running overnight. (You can go to Settings > Battery to see when the battery is being used and by which apps.)

Ideally, the charger issued with the iPad is kept in a safe place in the home outside the student's bedroom. At night the iPad should be powered down completely and plugged into the appropriate charger so that the iPad is fully charged in the morning. When you plug it in, check to be sure you see the lightning bolt appear on the battery icon in the upper right corner, or else an image of the battery appears on the screen to show you how full it is, so you know that it is actively charging.