Friday, February 15, 2019

Dodgeball Starts Monday 2/25!

Dodgeball teams and schedules are now available! This is a club activity with 25 teams, so not every team will play each week. The first games are on Monday, February 25 after school in the BMS gym.  The action takes place from 3:05-3:40. Students will be released in time to get the late bus.

Click here to see the full schedule and list of teams in order by grade. If your child signed up for dodgeball earlier this month, check the list to find their name on the list and look on the first page for the full schedule.

Only students who have games scheduled should be in the gym!

Games for week of February 25

February 25th:

  • Blue Barracudas v. Green Monkeys
  • Hungry Hippos v. Candy Landers
  • Boom Shaka Laka v. Too Fast, Too Furious
  • Average Joes v. Purple Cobras
February 27th:
  • The Battleships v. ​Chutes and Dodgeballers
  • Purple Parrots v. Red Jaguars
February 28th:
  • Silver Snakes v. Orange Iguanas
  • The Monopolizers v. The Dominoes
  • Team Wakanda v. ​Some Beauty
  • Mostly Beast Lumberjacks v. Flying Cougars