Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Student Council Fundraiser

BMS Student Council has set a goal to raise $500 in January to donate to the California Fire Foundation’s SAVE Program to help provide some financial relief for those affected by the wildfires.

The Prize: The neighborhood that raises the most money gets to choose the color Mrs. Pasquarelli will dye her hair!

Click here to see a flyer with more information.

Here is a quick update on our fundraiser:
  • Floor 4, Neighborhood 2 (8 Cabot) $110
  • Floor 3, Neighborhood 2 (7 Cabot) $95.27
  • Floor 1, Neighborhood 1 total of $69.60
  • Floor 1, Neighborhood 2 total of $52
  • Floor 1, Neighborhood 3 total of $16.11
  • Floor 3, Neighborhood 1 (7 Balch) total of $6.05
As of yesterday our grand total was $349.03! 

Remember, our goal is $500 by this Friday, February 1st! Now, let's add in a little more competition...
  • If we reach our goal of $500, Mr. Houlihan has volunteered to dye his hair!
  • For the GRADE that raises the most money - Mrs. Mat has volunteered!
  • For reaching a goal of $600 - Mrs. Doring has volunteered!