Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Traffic Reminders

We wanted to remind you of some recent changes to the traffic patterns that began on Monday, November 5. Mr. Poska sent out a letter recently with details, which you can view online, but here are some highlights
  • Cones will be placed at the beginning of the driveway on Balch Street beginning at 3:00 PM, preventing traffic from entering campus. Vehicles will be allowed to leave campus, but it will be one way to exit only beginning at that time.
  • After ALL of the buses have left campus (approximately 3:15 PM), the driveway will again be open to Two-Way traffic.
  • Parents/Guardians who pick up their child in the parking lot off of Balch Street are reminded that live parking is not permitted along the outside of the parking lot. Please utilize the parking spots that are available in the lot while waiting to pick up your child.