Thursday, November 15, 2018

iPad Charging Reminders

Please be sure your 7th/8th grader is fully charging their iPad at night.

  • Quit all applications, particularly YouTube, before charging it. Make sure your screen is off. Having some applications running in the background can drain the battery quickly during and after charging. 
  • Use only the charging block and cord issued with the iPad. We advise that you label these and store them separately so that you have them ready for use now and so they are available to be turned in when the iPad is returned. The iPad chargers are rated at 12 watts, compared to to the 5 watts for most phone chargers. If you plug an iPad into a lower wattage charger it will take much longer than it would with the correct plug. Low quality and faulty cords can also affect charging.
If your child needs to come to the tech center because of problems with charging, please first be sure you are following these recommendations, and ask your child to bring in the charging block and cord being used when s/he had trouble.