Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Fab Lab Session Two Notification

Session 1 of Fab Lab will be meeting after school today from 3 to 3:45 in room 316. This is the last meeting of session 1. 

Session 2 will begin next week - names of students in session 2 are posted on room 316's door and below. The following students have been randomly selected from the students who had signed up at the start of the year to join session 2 of the Fab Lab starting Tuesday November 27th after school in room 316. We will be building another hovercraft. 

Please let Mr. Jacobson know right away if you will not be able to attend this session so he can randomly select another student who had signed up to fill that slot.

Fab Lab Session 2
  • Mateo Rodriguez
  • James Hanson
  • Joshua Taylor
  • Emmett Snyder
  • Kaela Harrison
  • John Ruston
  • Joseph Lacirignola
  • Vito Venuti
  • Harry Wilson
  • Kailey Quintino