Monday, September 3, 2018

Dress Policy Reminders

The administration reserves the right to determine whether items of clothing are of an inappropriate nature or are in violation of the health standard and safety of the students attending the school. Students in violation of the dress code will be given an opportunity to modify their dress using clothing they have at school, borrow an item of clothing from the nurse’s office, or call home for a change of clothes. Failure to comply may result in in-school suspension for the day. Habitual violators of this policy will receive disciplinary consequences.

Some specific guidelines:
  • Hats/headgear/hoods may not be worn inside the building except on officially designated “hat days” or for religious or medical purposes;
  • Students may not wear tank tops, muscle shirts, and/or sleepwear;
  • Shirts must completely cover the torso when a student stands, walks or sits;
  • Clothing may not include words/phrases/images that are sexually suggestive, obscene, or promote the use of alcohol, nicotine, drugs, hate speech, violence, or other inappropriate words or connotations’
  • Hem of shorts must be at fist length when arms are resting at the side, and skirts and dresses must be fingertip length;
  • Clothing must not be sheer or see-through;
  • Undergarments may not show above or outside of clothing;
  • Foot covering must be worn at all times. Open toed sandals are acceptable, but flip-flops and slippers are unsafe and may not be worn;
  • Clothing may not include items that might endanger student safety- e.g. pins, chains, etc.