Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Beverly Keeps Learning Website Launches

This communication came from the superintendent today:

Good Afternoon Beverly Students, Parents and Guardians,

We are excited to provide you with the newly created website Beverly Keeps Learning to help keep your children engaged and learning while our schools are closed. As I mentioned in last night’s communication, today we are providing public access to our website Beverly Keeps Learning. Below you will find a link to our new site. We hope that you and your child will find these resources helpful and engaging. Please remember that we have designed these resources in an effort to prevent learning loss during this extended closure. Participation in these activities are not considered formal instructional days for your child. We will not be recording attendance for students and students will not be penalized for any lack of completion of these activities. While we hope that your child engages in all the wonderful learning opportunities available through this site, we want to be clear that at this time, the work we offer is considered enrichment and as such, is optional.

Beverly Keeps Learning

This site will provide online resources and enrichment for students PreK-12. Our high school students will have access to Moodle and their current schedule of teachers. No students will be penalized for any missed work and, for at least for the first week, all activities are for enrichment and engagement purposes only. BMS students have access to sites for enrichment as well as to their individual Google Classrooms that have been provided to them by their teachers. Elementary Students have access to these wonderful enrichment resources and next week we will add access to additional links within the site to individual schools and Google Classrooms created by their teachers. One word of caution, these sites are intended for us as free access for your students. Some may require a password (if they do, your child will know their password or you may reach out to your classroom teacher for the password). If a site is asking for you to set up an account for payment, we do not recommend that you do so. Each of these sites has agreed to provide free access for a period of time so please do not pay them online. Our teachers have been hard at work on vetting, collecting and creating content for your child. Try to remember that for us, this too, is a new journey; we will be working behind the scenes to change, add, or fix any issues with the links! Be patient with your teachers, your administrators and most importantly, your child!

We also want you to understand, there is no expectation that our parents will be providing students with new instruction. We hope you and your child find the resources helpful. Our teachers will be available to support our students - please reach out by email to your teachers with any questions. Once again, thank you for the trust you place in all of us everyday! We appreciate your partnership! Let's Keep Learning!

Sue Charochak, Ed. D.
Superintendent of Schools