Friday, July 31, 2020

Updates on Fall 2020

Wondering about where things are in the planning process for Fall 2020? Check the resources on the district website, including the 7-30-20 Reopening Plan.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Get a Free Book!

BMS Librarian Ms. Woznick has dozens of great used books from her giveaway bins and would love to get them into the hands of kids to read and enjoy this summer!

You can request a free book (1 per week):
  1. Please see the list of giveaway books online - if you see one that looks good to you, then
  2. fill out this form to request it.
If you sign by up Thursday evening, you will get a confirmation email and be able to pick the book up at Beverly High School on Friday morning, during the same times that food is available for pickup (10:30-12:30). Books will be put into in a plain paper bag with your name on it and placed in the vestibule outside the cafeteria. If you are unable to get to the high school to pick it up, you will have an option to provide your address so it can be delivered to your home (Beverly only), but this may take a little longer.

If you have questions, please contact Ms. Woznick:

Summer Math & Summer Stories

Summer Stories
BMS students entering Grades 6-8 are asked to spend time engaging with stories in books and/or other media over the summer. See the Summer Stories website for more information about expectations. We also strongly encourage all students to participate in the Beverly Public Library's Summer Reading programs, which are available for kids, teens, and adults.

Math Packets

The math packets here have sets of problems for each grade of students entering Beverly Middle School in the fall. Please view/download/print math packets for students:

Fall Sports: Cross Country & Field Hockey

We have a brand new, hopefully easier to navigate, online registration platform for middle school fall sports run through BHS.

Registration opened July 20 and runs through August 30 for Middle School Cross Country grades 5-8 and Field Hockey grades 7 & 8 Only

Please do not pay any fees until further notice depending on COVID-19 protocols regarding our sports programs. Further information is posted on the BHS athletics website at