Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Science Fair a Success!

On Tuesday, BMS held its annual science fair. It was a great success with 39 projects submitted and 53 participants. Thank you to the many participants and the families who came to view the fair, as well as the volunteer coordinators and judges!

The list of winning projects from each grade is as follows:

8th Grade Winners
  • Stewart Moran - Most likely Pullies and How the Size of them Changes the Ease of Pulling an Object
  • Chloe Aiello - How gluten affects your body

6th Grade Winners
  • Timothy Harrington- How high can you fly?
  • Alexander Gangi - Does warm water freeze faster than cold water?
  • Ella Checksfield - Sarcophagus science – mummify a hot dog

5th Grade Winners
  • Sydney Taylor & Reese Kwiatek - Where should you store your popcorn?
  • Harry Wilson - How load affects drone battery life
  • Josue Reyes & Aiden Gates - Save the World with Fog
  • Nate Fein - Why do succulents need less water than other plants?
  • Mia Belmonte - Does Soil with Worms Help Plants Grow Faster Than Soil Without Worms?

5th Grade Honorable Mentions
  • Lydia McCarthy & Miranda Harrington - “Think Quick": Boys vs. Girls- Who has better reflexes?
  • Max Panda - Is a dog's mouth really cleaner than a human's?