Sunday, May 16, 2021

Gr 8 Students - BHS Band & Chorus Welcome You!

The BHS Band Director Mr. Costa and the Choral Director, Mrs. P-K want to welcome those of you in 8th grade who will have signed up for band or chorus! Check out these flipgrids with current BHS students welcoming you on board!

Welcome, Class of 2025!
Some current members of the band had some thoughts and well wishes they wanted to share w/ the incoming freshman class about the BHS Music Dept. experience!

Members of the BHS Choral groups would like to share some thoughts with you about their experiences in the BHS Music Dept.

If you haven't signed up yet for BHS band or chorus, it's not too late - but please reach out first by email to Mr. Costa ( about band or Mrs. P-K ( about choral groups.

Also - incoming BHS band members should mark their calendars for August 16-19, 2021 for band camp and look for details at a later date!