Thursday, October 1, 2020

Charging problems with iPads?

If your child is having problems with having their iPad charge fully/correctly, we have a list of steps to figure out if the problem is with:

1. The iPad: Power on the iPad. While holding down the home button , press and hold the power button. Keep both buttons pressed until the iPad restarts. Does it power on or charge now?

2. The wall socket (or outlet strip): Move items 1,3 & 4 to another room (a different wall socket). Does it charge now?

3. The charger block: Swap your charger with another charger for an iPad or iPhone. Does it charge now? (Note : it will charge very slowly with a 5W iPhone charger, but it will charge. iPad chargers are 12W)

4. The charging cord: Swap your cord with another cord for an iPad or iPhone. Does it charge now?

These steps should help you isolate where the issue is. If you have further problems, check with the BMS Tech department at and tell them which of these steps you have tried and what the result was.