Monday, September 21, 2020

Student Postcrossing Volunteers Needed!

As of right now Ms. Woznick has four slots available for people who want to write a postcards to someone somewhere in the world through our school Postcrossing account.

What's Postcrossing? Check out this blog with the BMS cards sent and receive, and the Postcrossing website to see more about it.

Student who sign up will be invited, in the order they sign up, to either write a card or to research information about cards we receive. You will get full information and directions from Ms. Woznick at that time, and will have 24-48 hours to respond, after which time the option will be passed to the next person.

Ms. Woznick is also taking donations of postcards at this time. Postcards of Beverly, Boston, other places on the North Shore or in Massachusetts are helpful. We can also use cards that show animals or art or other things that kids might be interested in sending or either children or adults in receiving.  Email Ms. Woznick if you have postcards to donate or questions:

We currently have four spots for postcard writers this week! And I hope we receive some more cards soon. But the more cards we send out the more we can get back.

Sign up here now.