Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Summer Stories

In summer 2020 we want Beverly Middle School students to spend time interacting with different stories - and creating some of their own. Stories can live in books, but they live in lots of other places too. We want you to explore the many ways that we create and share stories. Go to the website at summerstories.beverlyschools.org. (Note there is a section in Spanish!)

Students should pick at least one activity (but hopefully many!) from each of the two choice boards on the website. One is labeled Read - Listen - Watch. Those choices are about consuming stories (reading books or other text, audio and digital stories, etc.). The other is labeled Connect - Create - Share; here, you use stories to make connections with your own life and with other people. If all those choices are a little too much for you, try the Streamlined Choice Board.

Students can track their stories to show to their ELA teacher in the fall. Students in grades 6-8 should expect to complete other activities relating to Summer Stories on returning to school in September. These assignments will be part of the Q1 grade.

See this sheet for more information and also don't forget to check out Summer Reading at the Beverly Public Library for kids, teens and adults!