Thursday, April 30, 2020

Video of BMS Students & Their Books

What are some BMS students reading while they're home?  Check out this video!

It would be great to have this video be just the first in a series, so encourage your child to post a photo of them with a book or of the book itself -- or them reading on a device (but be sure they include the title of the book) -- to this Padlet page. We will not post names with photos of students.

Today is the last day of the month so it's a good time to "stock up" on Hoopla downloads (ebooks, eaudio, TV & movie downloads) from the Beverly Public Library. You get up to 10 per calendar month!  How does Hoopla work? Check out this short learning video set from the BPL.

Get some more great reading ideas here and info on how/where to get books too. And don't forget to sign up for #BeverlyKeepsReading! The prizes this Friday are gift cards from The Castle, a board game cafe.