Monday, March 2, 2020

Science Fair a Success!

BMS held its second annual science fair last Thursday, with over 100 project submitted. The event was a great success with some very memorable projects including “DIY Robotics Hand”, “What is a Fluidized Bed” and a homemade hovercraft. Student participation numbers were double that of last year and their enthusiasm was amazing.

Many of these projects are on view in the BMS  Library this week -- stop in during Parent Afternoon Back to take a peek!

BMS Science Fair 2020 Top Projects
(in no particular order)

5th grade
  • Anna Dobkowski: Why Not All Medicines Are in Pill Form
  • Chloe Callahan & Haley Mitchell: Is Ublick Magnetic?
  • Madelyn Haley & Julia Bissett: Colors of the Brain
  • Olivia Devereaux:  Follow-through
  • Madeleine Roberts & Paloma Terry: Does music affect your memory?

6th Grade
  • Mandy Harrington: Robotics Hand
  • Max Panda:  Does ginger or garlic have anti-microbial property?
  • Harry Wilson: How temperature affects magnet
  • Bailey Hutchinson & Dylana Abell: Should you pay the extra price?

7th Grade
  • Ella Checksfield: Can water float on water?
  • Alex Gangi: How does color affect heating by absorption of light?
  • Grace Checksfield:  Do all bottled water have the same pH?

8th Grade
  • Emma Gregory & Jurgen Sherpa: What's in the drink?
  • Josh Maggiacomo & Viterbo Pallazola: Having a ball with gravity