Sunday, February 9, 2020

News Club - Extra Help Needed Monday

News Club has an issue of the paper due out next week but we need extra staff to help fold after school on Monday, February 10 in the library.

Anyone is welcome to join and we'll give you snacks.  It's fun to fold and talk with your friends. It's open to ALL students in grades  5-8. We welcome old and new friends! It's a great way to learn more about News Club and consider joining for the second half of the year. 5th graders are welcome to join now too!

We will meet in the library after  school from 3-4pm. You can leave for the late bus but we may be  looking for a few people to stay until about 4  to help finish up.

Questions? See Ms. Woznick in the library, or email Ms. Woznick (awoznick@beverlyschools.og)  or Mrs. Lydon (