Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Big Buck$ Homeroom Leader Updates

The BIG BUCKS selling and returning continues!

HOMEROOM UPDATES…Leading the pack in Grade 5 is O'Malley and behind her are Hopkins, Aylward, Cindric and Lampert who are all only a couple of calendar sales apart of each other. Crocker has taken a huge lead in Grade 6, but Melanson and Jodoin still have time to catch up! In Grade 7 it is Olbash running away with the lead!! Grade 8 has some work to do! As of yesterday's numbers, we have McGrath in the lead with Wood-Bell in a close second. Vanderslice and Sherman you still have time!

ONE DAY can make all the difference!

REMEMBER...... It’s not over, ‘til it’s over!

Stay tuned and keep selling! BREAKFAST WINNERS will be announced Monday morning! The winning homeroom will get a free Bagel Breakfast!