Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Student Council Raises over $1,000!

The results are in! With the help of BMS staff and students, Student Council has raised a grand total of $1,088.44 for the California Wildfire Foundation! You helped us more than double our original goal! We will get to help all those families in need that were disrupted by the wildfires!

1st Place is team 7 Cabot with $506.69
2nd Place is Team 8 Cabot with $157.58
3rd Place is 5th grade, Neighborhood 2 with $103.31

As promised, Mr. Webber, Mrs. Doring, Mrs. Mat, Mr. Houli, and Mrs. Pasquarelli will be dying their hair in support of this fundraiser! 

7 Cabot you will get to vote on the color of Mrs. Pasquarelli's hair at the end of the week!

Amazing work everyone and thank you so much!
Mrs. Kayla Kemes O'Leary