Friday, September 14, 2018

iPad Rollout & Update

We rolled out our 1-1 iPad program across the school this week and it's going very smoothly so far!

Those who have NOT yet returned the Device Use Agreement 
should print it, sign it, and return it to the main office immediately. 

Grade 5 and 6 students received iPads at the beginning of the week and are already putting them to great use. Their iPads stay here at school overnight so they are safe and charged and ready for the next day.

Grade 7 and 8 students are were due to receive their iPads yesterday (Thursday). Students who have returned their signed Device Use Agreement also receieved chargers. Please remember:
  • These chargers must be brought home and kept in a safe location. They are not to be loaned out or used for other purposes.
  • Students should plan to bring their iPads home each day so that they can be used for homework assignments and charged overnight. 
  • Students are responsible for bringing their iPads to school fully charged each day.
Refer to the Device Use Agreement for further information.

Until the signed Device Use Agreement is received, grade 7-8 students will not be permitted to take an iPad home and must coordinate with team teachers to be sure it is properly stored and charged at school overnight. It may not be left in student's personal school lockers.

Please email the BMS Tech Center with any questions: